Our Simple Approach

Collaborate to Fully Understand

Through a combination of analytic of reports, thorough stakeholder engagement, and cross industry examinations, we ensure that the task at hand is fully understood before allocating valuable resources. 

Early and Frequent Landscape Planning

Things change as projects move along. We stay ahead of these changes by anticipating impacts and making frequent, and agile proposals. We minimize unanticipated delays and scope creeps.

High Value Corporate Asset Generation

For projects that will continue development, our implementations will be forward thinking, and allow for easy future enhancements. For more short term projects, our teams ensure that transitioning will be easy by maintaining documentation and providing training.

Check out some of our current projects

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Crypto Katz (CMS and Business Architecture)
Crypto Katz Ltd. is a full service ‘brokerage’ firm that converts investor’s fiat currencies into digital investments, which are dispersed across a diverse grouping of blockchain related assets.
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Achievement Authority: Celebrate Gaming Excellence
Achievement Authority is the new way to celebrate gaming excellence.

Now Open For Business

We specialize in your tech related projects.

Here at Cooperari, we offer the following services:

  • Business and System Analysis
  • Information Technology consulting and implementation
  • Project Management
  • Software Development consulting

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